SpedaWeb was born in order to create an online market that allow you to do the shopping and receive it while you are setting comfortably at home staying in tranquillity at the time you prefer.

Hardware (IT) infrastructure is entirelly created using remote server. Software is planned and realised by using web/ based technology with the purpose of making the service available to all clients and managers at any moment and from any place throughout.

Many different patterns were realised and each of these has a specific function so that the entire system is divided into distinct complementary and synergetic areas.


The project is formed by the following Web patterns:

  • Management centralized control SpesaWeb service
  • Customers'shop service
  • Management shopping cart service
  • Withdrawal and shop delivery


This pattern is the core of the entire system and it will have to dealt with the admin’ system. Here its main functions:

  • Management tasks and users
  • Management importing data from external devices (articles, categories, customers, etc)
  • Management profiles (insertion, adaptation, rejection, visualisation)
  • Management Ce.DI. / Sale points
  • Management time table delivery
  • Management products on sale
  • Management shopping carts
  • Management deliveries


This pattern is a real website from which customers could do their shop. Here its main functions:

  • Service presentation for all clients (home page)
  • Login and sign up
  • -Presentation service for all customers (home page)
  • Visualisation products according their categories
  • Research products according theri description
  • Selection products to put into the cart
  • Strategies of substitution when product is unavailable
  • Generation of a shopping cart (minimum and maximum shop)
  • Creation of a shopping cart copy to use for repetitive boughts
  • Delivery Management according prearranged time
  • Payments Control
  • Assessment of the service received
  • Visualization customer's moviments (Confirmed carts, delated carts, disputes etc.)


This pattern is the web interface with the real market. The P.V. employee has an IT portal by which he looks up the carts to make them at real time, then he will print them; later he modify their status in «proto per la consegna». Here its main functions:

  • Users identification, login and password
  • Visualization and management of carts to make
  • Visualization carts made
  • Daily, weekly, monthly reports about carters made
  • Carter history in case of disputes


This pattern has the function of shopping and is just for the user. Thanks to a mobile device (tablet) connected with the Net, the user visualises the final shops ready to be delivered. The user has to pick up and give them according the time referred by the costumer. .Here its main functions:

  • Identification user login and password
  • Visualization ready shops according the time table
  • Modification shops status and product control in withdraw section and product control
  • Modification shops status ready to be delivered
  • Service for claims or alerts/disputes during the delivering. (optional)