is the simple and safe web platform that allows you to control, easily and comfortably, each part of your order status since it takes place at any moments and from any devices (Pc, Tablet, Smartphone) .

SpedizioniWEB is perfect to make companies in merchandising transport area acquire new clients by showing them the best delivery rates (in real-time) according their specific needs and also by confirming the way of payment they prefer.

Use SpedizioniWEB web form, thanks to the existence of the application part and of the database in server-farm managed by BSS S.r.l: this permit you not to go in the current technological infrastructure. .

1. Express Couriers Management

  • Table of the purchase rules / Purchase list
  • Table of the sale rules/ sale list
  • Control of fixed or in percentage costs of the amount for additional services (like Pay On Delivery, insurance, manual delivery etc..)
  • Control of cost list depending on the nation, region, town or troubling places

Client/ Users Control

  • Management of Client's Profile
  • Possibility of reductions costs and the easy payment for the client
  • Users banning
  • Business and connected users control

3. Order Control

  • Visualisation of the order for each client
  • Control of the order status
  • Sending order information to the express courier external support (TNT, Bartolini, Nexive etc..)
  • Automatic communication about the order fulfilment to the client
  • Invoicing automatically created paying both with cash with order and full settlement.
  • Creation of till receipts for private users
  • Crossed control between purchase invoice and sale invoice underlining anomalies and differences
  • Control and Application of the right tax for international delivery.
  • Manual Control of the orders
    • For those with Paypal payment anomalies
    • For those with manual VIES control
    • For those payed with cash or bank transfer
    • manual invoice emission of the order

4. Management static contents for pages with privacy, terms and conditions

5. Management of Payment ways

  1. Payments with credit card /PayPal
  2. Payments with bank transfer
  3. Till receipts copy to manage the amount due

6. Template messaggi email

1. Visualisation of static contents

2. Profile management

  • User Login
  • User Sign up
  • Activation of loyal costumer’s profile (just from administrative panel)

3. List of several address

  • Sender's address book
  • Recipient's address book

4. User’ orders management

  • List of previous orders
  • Recovery of not completed order (just for signed users)
  • Possibility to create a copy of an order (price estimated according current rate table)
  • List of previous financial documents (invoices/receipts)
  • Invoice printing
  • Till Receipts reprinting in case of private client
  • Order details printing

5. New order setting up

  • Drawing up paperwork by filling in data necessary to calculate the rate table (also for not signed users)
  • Visualisation of quotes for different available couriers
  • Payment Management

a) Immediate payment with credit card or PayPal ( with automatic outcome)

b) Payment later this month (just for loyal costumers)

c) Payment with bank transfer.

  • Automatic submission of emails with details
  • Automatic submission of emails with invoice/ receipt both to clients and to administrative address

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Steps of the transport management activity

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