Since its constitution, in 2002, BSS s.r.l creates and trades programs for payment and financial statements to support operational and decisional process for Enterprises working in the Organized Big Distribution (Grande Distribuzione Organizzata, GDO) and for Small and Medium Enterprises (PME).

The experience achieved by our Team is a point of reference in technological knowledge. We have a duty, which is shared by our clients: the continuous optimization of instruments and employed solution together with the identification of further and newer developing and researching process in a closer partnership with Dipartimenti Tecnologici Universitari.

Our idea and way of work are based on knowledge, analysis and the continuous improvement: the ongoing enlargement of our range of software products together with the will to offer the completest assistance for the client had determined the choice to increase our hardware and service offer including newer professional actors.

Nowadays, BSS S.r.l. wants to go beyond PME’s world, going to reach the public administration, experts and education: Regarding education, BSS S.r.l. is able to satisfy your new needs, resulting from pedagogy innovation, by using new IT technologies thanks to the acquired abilities both software and hardware.

We are dynamic on the web world through the realization of web and e-commerce partals studied and planned to satisfy all client’s needs.
  • Planning , realization and conservation of LAN networks for enterprises, focusing on the problems related to security..
  • Technological Assistance for both hardware and software with the aim of researching the best solution for client’s needs.
  • Domain signing up and mail server management (mail server)
  • Realization of Web sites.
  • Realization of e-Commerce partals .
  • Verification of compatibility and interoperability among the different work areas and software used.
  • Server systems, workstation e client desktop management (in virtual setting).
  • Messaging and partnership systems inside the enterprise.
  • Internet Assurance system with firewall hardware o linux based.
  • Realization of tailored software.
  • Hardware and Software assistance.
  • Personalized IT Training course.
  • Contacts