Since 2012 Bss' educational area is available in supplying goods and service for Ministry of Education PON school programs.

The experience acquired and the recognized professionalism present and candidate locally BSS as a leader in “Programma Operativo Nazionale” 2014/2020 .

We invite school headmasters, digital entertainers or anyone in school is interested in demanding free assistance to verify previously the technical and economical adequacy contacting us at

Since Bss S.r.l is signed up on the Electronic Marketing in the Public Administration (MePA), it can be “invited” to the Richieste di Offerta, RdO, (demanding offer) related to the following announcement:

  • MePI: soluzioni per la Scuola
  • ICT 2009
  • OFFICE103 - Products, services, accessories, office machine and electronics
  • ARREDI104
  • MATEL103 - Electronic products
  • Cancelleria 104
  • BSS S.r.l. is authorized to install, transform, extent and maintain systems according the Ordinance n. 37/ 2008( A and B section) , necessary qualification for the realization, extension and adaptation of LAN/WLAN networks.

    + 80 Scuole

    +80 Istituti Scolastici

    + 200 Kit Lim

    + 200 Kit LIM

    + 500 PC

    + 500 PC / Notebook

    + 1000 Tablet

    + 1000 Tablet