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13 Settembre 2018
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14 Settembre 2018
spedire online le valigie dei tuoi clienti

Summer is going to arrive and your clients had planned, long time ago, their holiday at the seaside, mountain, countryside.

Everyone, more or less, has to make a serious decision about which object they should leave at home trying to keep costs low:
bicycles, surfboards, golf bags, tennis rackets, scuba gear...
...well, all you need to enjoy your well-deserved holiday for having fun, doing sports, relaxing.
Your clients succeed in searching a lot among the whole list of online offers regarding hotels, residence packets, aireline flights,rental cars; but there is still a decision to make: what to take with them and how many luggages to do!

Make your clients' holiday even more relaxing!

Introduce them to your best delivery offers regarding luggages and sport equipment. Inform them about how you can help them makingtheir summer stay much"lighter", offering pick-up service arriving at home (even by appointment)delivery directly to the hotel they have booked or to any tourist accomodation they prefer.
Contact our business advisor to receive more details about our managerial SpedizioniWEB and how could manage it online 24 hours a day, your delivery Agency ...maybe next to your next client's beach umbrella !

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