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14 Settembre 2018
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14 Settembre 2018

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E-commerce and food: together, they mean new growth outlooks-

Th Italian e-commerce in food industry is having concrete growth outlooks recently. It means new horizons in the startpup field, they are considered like privileged cell towers that are able to intercept and make your clients' wishes.

According 2016 data, in the food industry in Italy, e-commerce still is a limited phenomenon: its value is di 519 millions of Euro, it means 0.32% of the entire amount regarding the retail boughts in the area. It is a lower situation than other sectors like5% of clothing, 16% of IT and consumer electronics, 29% of tourism. It is a differet from what happens abroad where penetration rate is more advanced, like in the UK (8%) and in France (6%) – (Source: Osservatorio e-commerce B2C).

There are many reasons why this happens, among which there is: a client has not always the possibility to do shopping like he does at the supermarket. It means fast, in a satisfaying way and by a variety of products. Then, often the client find attractive portals proposing offers and interesting discounts, but they have logistic not good all the time, or even, lack of users' experience which tire the average consumer and lead him to interrupt not fluid navigation. It is a situation towards which the Italian retailer will suddenly conform, since the International big players enter the food industry big world.

Our solution is SpesaWeb" which opens up new prospects inside the world of the online food distribution.


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