Digitalisation PME 2016/2017

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14 Settembre 2018

The Ministry of Economy and Finance through a decree stipulating has provided the possibility for PME of entering the fund equal to 100 millions of euro, so that it facilitates business efficiency from a digital and technological point of view.

The economic grant in the form of voucher is amounting to 50% of the total cost of the digitalisation project with a maximum of EUR 10,000.00

This grant is usable to improve or to adopt measures of digitising of business processes and technological modernisation, in favour of enterprises located in eight regions of the Italian Mezzogiorno, it means Abruzzi, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Puglia, Sardinia and Sicily.

Digitalisation projects must have the aim of buying software, hardware or services that let big, small, medium enterprises to:

  • improve business efficiency
  • modernise working organisation that allows new forms of working and contracts to put into service
  • increase productivity thanks to e-commerce
  • ensure online access through broadband and ultra-wideband
  • access to the web-based network through satellite system buying and triggering cable boxes and parables
  • form PME employees to acquire ITC skills.

    Be carefull: services mentioned above, they must have been bought and adopted, just after the identification and authorization of the voucher.

    To obtain the voucher, you have to apply electronically maybe since January 2017. PME's requirements

    Companies and enterprises which can apply are:

  • Big, small, medium enterprises (BPME) whatever their legal status and the accounting system adopted.
  • They must not be enterprises which are imputable to the primary agricultural production sector, fishery and aquaculture.
  • Having its legal domicile and/or local unit in Italy (just for the 8 regions of the Italian Mezzogiorno) and being signed up into the Business Register.
  • Not being submitted to competitive tender, failure, liquidation,receivership, etc.
  • Not being taker of other national grants for the acquiring of the voicher and other services given.
  • Not being object of a recovery order declared by the European Commission for unlawful aid.
  • PEC valid and working
  • Electronic signature made by an agent or an officer.
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