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13 Settembre 2018
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13 Settembre 2018

SpedizioniWEB and the e-invoicing

As from 1st January 2019, you must manage your purchase and sales invoices electronically

The requirement has been in force since 1st January 2019, addressed to all economic entities that deal with invoicing (B2B), both active and passive loop, in a electronic format (XML - eXtensible Markup Language). It means an IT language through which it is possible establish and control each element of the document in operation and in concordance with what law says.

This way of working has been introduced for times to manage economical and financial relantionships between Public Administration and Private Companies. As the Budget Law 2018 says, this obligation will be extended also to these last ones and privates, through which it will testify the uniqueness and validity of his performance for both issued and sent invoices using Power-distribution system.

By adopting the electonical system it will be possible to issue, submit and keep invoices, you can give up using papers so you can optimise the costs regarding printing, delivering and keeping.

SpedizioniWEB is already be used to issuing sales invoices in a e-form according the XML standard laid down in the regulations.

Adopting e-invoicing system is compulsory towards European Community in connection with European Digital Single Market in 2020.
The e-invoicing will lead to a radical change between IRS and taxpayers in order to take measures to eliminate tax evasion. The new system has to be considered as an useful tool for taxpayers rather than for fraudsters.

The purpose of e-invoicing is efficiency, the semplification in checking process, reducing tax evasion by adopting an inflexible instrument. It means technology with the aim of renforcing rules and trying to improve the procedures in a complicated regulatory context.

In order to what 1st January 2019 lagislation says, it is necessary the use of e-invoicing B2B (is going to be used for biofuels and public subcontracts from July 2018), so that there is an organised and consious changement which would create just concrete and inviolable benefits.

For more insights, we recommend to have a look on institutional authorities IT sites.


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